Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Open Heart

"Open Heart"
Acrylic on paper, 18x24

Several months ago I finally opened my heart.
Let go of all the bitterness of the past.
Things were wonderful.
Then my mother was diagnosed with cancer that was too far gone.
Two months later she passed away.
During those two months my heart was whirling, on a rollercoaster ride I couldn't get off.
There were days when I stood strong and positive that a miracle would happen and she would be healed.
Other days I was angry and bitter and my heart was closed again.
Last week we buried my mother.
Sometimes I don't know what to think.
This experience is all so very new.
But one thing I do know is that I cannot go back to the days when I was angry and bitter.
I long for an Open Heart.
And so I begin once again.
And it is good.

Carol B.

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