Friday, October 30, 2009

A Crazy Day

I've been mad all day.  
I don't know why.
Just one of those days when I'm mad at all the world.
I notice that this seems to happen a lot right when I think I'm going to change and be this wonderful person and maybe I've written this positive post the day before and so I guess the bad spirits want to say HA HA HA, WELL, TAKE THIS!  BAM!!
And so I stayed mad all day and thought terrible thoughts about everyone just because.  And everything was boring and I didn't even eat yet, even though it's late because everything in my house seemed boring.
And my husband is about to come home so I thought I would call him and ask him to pick up some food from one of our favorite places but he doesn't get very good cell reception where he works and so I thought I would probably call him and he wouldn't answer and then I would be madder.
Sure enough, that happened.
And so I got madder.
But just then he called me up because he noticed a call had tried to come through and so I told him what I wanted and he was very happy to oblige me.
And I felt bad, because I had thought bad thoughts about him, too, even though he really didn't deserve it.
And so I went to read some positive writing from somewhere and finally, after having been messed up all day I finally calmed down and I have come to realize something (for the millionth time) and that is, even when life seems to slap you in the face and you think that from now on you are not going to be a nice person and you don't even care anymore, you are going to be just as mean as you want to be, well, guess what?  It never really works out.  Being at peace in your heart is so much better than carrying the anger.
And guess what again?  Just as I was writing this I got a phone call giving me some really good unexpected news, and then I got another call right after that and it was my husband calling to say that he is about to get the food and will be home in just a few minutes so, even though my writing must be pretty bad and rushed right now I have to leave so I can greet my husband at the door with lots of love, gratitude and thankfulness to the lesson learned on this crazy day.
Wishing you a peaceful weekend,
Carol B.


anni said...

This type of stuff seems to happen to me . . . usually once a month :)

Cindy said...

Oh my God!!! I can totally relate to that story. Hey cuz I love ur blog. Very inspirational.