Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, BB!

"Oh, What a Lovely Life!"
Mixed media on paper

Today is my BB's Birthday!
I cannot believe my little baby is 30 years old!
Of course, I had her when I was only five. ;)
She is the most amazing young woman.
Of course, I always knew she would be.
And I am not saying that simply because she is my daughter.
Even when she was so very young, at least three or four, I knew she was going to be such a special person.
Always so positive, full of life, sociable and outgoing.
I knew she would put those qualities to good use in her life.
And she has.
Everyone I meet that knows hers says "You're Dionna's mom? Oh, you raised such a wonderful young woman!"
Well, of course! :D
But it was always in her, right from the start.
And so I join the many, many people in her life who wish her a happy birthday.
But I am the one who first saw her, thirty years ago, at 1:30 in the afternoon,
who wished her the first happy birthday,
and a joyous welcome to life.
And with all my love,
I wish an ever joyous life to my baby girl.

Happy Birthday, to the most beautiful young woman!
Love Always,


angela said...

Thank you for having her and allowing me to have such an awesome best friend/older sister/partner in crime/sanity restorer!!!!

You are both amazing women and I'm grateful!!
Angela :)

Carol B. said...

Thanks so much, Angela! Thank you for bringing such a great friend to my daughter! Say hi to your mom!

.::dionna::. said...

Thank you Mama for the beautiful post!
Thank you Angela for being such an AMAZING friend!
I love you both!