Friday, January 21, 2011

My First Plushie!

Look what I did!
I made my first Plushie!
Even though I have never been a sewing person, Janini, my hurry-up-and-be-my-daughter-in-law, who I showed in a previous post having her first sewing lesson, got me excited about getting into sewing.
My mother Connie, of aforementioned Connie's Closet, has sewn her whole life and is the most expert perfectionist sewing artist you can imagine.
When I was young, I took her sewing skills for granted. After all, back then it seemed like the old fashioned thing that mothers do.
After all these years, seeing all the sewing that is going on everywhere online, including the mixed media world, I finally got the sewing bug.
Actually, quite a few years ago, I did do some sewing, including a few stuffed toys, but I have never been someone who sews.
After bringing out my old sewing machine, and I am not even going to tell you how old it was, I found it no longer worked, so my mom surprised me with a new one!
So here is my Plushie, which I designed myself!
It started out like this:

And here it is!
Of course, being the little travieso (mischief maker) that he is, he started running around, showing up everywhere.
First, he tried hiding on a chair against a red wall:

Then he tried hiding in a basket of newly washed laundry:

Then he tried hooking up on my new sewing machine!

In the kitchen in a bowl near the curtains:

And wouldn't you know he'd try messing with my ever faithful paintbrushes!

But most of all, he just wanted to wish you all a lot of love, and a beautiful joy filled weekend!

Also wishing you love and joy,
Carol B.

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.::dionna::. said...

I LOVE this!!! Totally made my day! I think he needs a plushie girlfriend to help keep him out of trouble!