Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

From my sketchbook.
Sharpie and Watercolor

I started my life as a more positive person.
Not perfectly positive, but more positive.
Then there was life.
Being positive is good, but you have to be good to yourself first.
Otherwise it is too easy to put others first and neglect yourself, including your own safety and peace of mind.
Then comes bitterness and negativity, which will screw up your life faster than anything else.
I recently heard someone I know talking, and every word coming out of that person's mouth was so negative I had to leave the room.
I could not stand to listen to that person.
And then I thought,
Oh, no,
Is that the way I sound?
I realized that years of bitterness and negativity was making me sound just like that person.
And my life showed it.
So I have decided that, starting today, no more negativity.
That doesn't mean not acknowledging when things can be better.
It just means not giving up in despair,
only to become more broken.
Today, I Honor myself.
Support myself.
Respect myself.
Accept who I am and all I have been.
Commit to being good to myself,
and truly starting a positive, new life.
My hope is that you will be Good to yourself.
Honor yourself.
Respect yourself.
And have the Best New Year ever.
Much Love,
Carol B.

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