Thursday, January 6, 2011

Follow Your HeArt!

Here is Janini, getting her craft on as she takes her first sewing lesson at Connie's Closet!
Connie is my mom, fabric artist and crafter extraordinaire, winner of many a blue ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair.
Janine decided that she wanted to learn how to sew so that she could be the creator of her own world, instead of a slave to whatever stores dictate is the style of clothes she should be wearing, or what kind of curtains should be in her home, to name a few things.
My mom showed her how to make a drawstring bag and she did it on her first try!
Janini is now on a roll, on the verge of tackling a sewing project for her boyfriend, my son.
After that, Janine, my mother, my daughter, and I will tackle the project of getting my son to hurry up and propose! ;D
Follow your heArt!
Carol B.

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