Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It is ironic that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and there have been so many murders against women that have shown up in the news this month.
Even the horrible massacre that happened at a beauty salon in Seal Beach here in Southern California made the national news.
Not that this doesn't happen everyday.
It's just that I heard another one today, about how on Saturday an EX-BOYFRIEND burned his former girlfriend alive in front of her children. She died yesterday.
This subject has been itching at me for years and after hearing this kind of story for the millionth time I just could not be quiet anymore.
Because I am a survivor of domestic violence this is an especially hot button topic for me.
My current husband is wonderful, the first non-abusive man I have ever had in my life.
Because of my former attraction to "Bad Boys" all the former men in my life have ranged from verbal and emotional abuse to physical violence.
I was just one of the lucky ones that got away.
But not without the emotional scars.
There are many facets to this topic, too many to mention now.
I am writing this post to say just one thing.
If you are in a relationship with one of these kind of guys
Don't be fooled.
Bad Boys are exactly what they are; BAD.
And I don't mean bad as in cool, even though that is what you might think at first, whether you learned it from the movies or romance novels or wherever that makes "Bad Boys" seem cool.
The neighbors of that woman who was burned on Saturday tried to stop her from burning and in a news interview a neighbor said that in the parking lot where she had run out of her apartment where she was then lying on the ground, her two children were over her body, crying and trying to talk to her while her body smoldered.
I know it is so horrible to be writing this, but every time I hear a story like this I want to scream out and tell women that if they are in a relationship like this to get out!
And then I calm down and don't say anything after all and I go on with everyday life and then I hear this story again.
I hope that no one reading this is going through this kind of relationship, but if you are
Please hear me now before the news tells another story like this.
Be honestly aware of what the person you are involved with is like.
Love yourself.
Take care of yourself.
If you know someone else that is in a relationship like this you cannot make them leave but be there for them.
Be honest.
Be aware.
Treat yourself with Love.
And Be Safe.
Carol B.

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Oh my gosh!!! That is so sad.... )0: