Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gently Unfold

I was wondering how to begin the New Year.
Should I come in with a blast?
Should I be revved up, ready to explode into a new life?
I started to think that way, but it made me tired before I even began   ;)
I was determined to begin a brand new life, far from the closed up life I have lived for way too long.
But how to begin?
This morning I woke up to a quiet morning, before anyone else was awake.
As I sat drinking my coffee, the words Gently Unfold came into my mind.
And that is what I have decided to do; gently unfold into a brand new life.
I begin exactly where I am, looking out the curtains from my kitchen window, curtains that are far from the fanciest kitchen curtains.
But I like them.
Just the way they are.
And so I begin.
I wish you a beautiful New Year.
Carol B.

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