Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My New Studio

This is not the greatest picture of my studio.  I don't know why the picture came out so dark. But this is it and I love it!  
I have these bookshelves with all my art supplies stored on them.  For the first time, everything is out where I can see it.  There is stuff that I have had stored for years which is not good because then I don't use it because I either forget I have it or I can't get to it because it's piled under so much other stuff.  Now everything is at my fingertips!  Oh, to be organized!
Before, when I was painting, I used to get these three wooden TV trays that I used to haul over from the kitchen and then set them up in this room.  I would then have to take everything out and arrange my easel, paints, water, palette, and other things carefully on the tables so I could paint.  It made my painting area too small and very inconvenient.  Now I decided I needed a nice, large table in this room.  I thought of getting a big folding table that I had seen at Costco, but I wasn't sure of how steady it would be. Then I got even more discouraged when my hubby, Mr. Handy Man (ahem) said, "Well, I don't know how you're going to get it in the car."  I said, "we could find a way," and he said, "Well, I don't know how."  
I thought of the large sturdy table I had in my kitchen.  I often went there to do some art stuff when I needed a large sturdy area.  
No one ever really ate at the kitchen table.  It only came in handy if someone was cooking and needed to lay out extra plates of stuff on the table.  But I hardly ever (make that never) cook. The only one that ever really cooks is my son who does that maybe once a week.  And if you clear off enough space on the counter, you don't really need the table. 
I thought, if I wait for someone to help me bring home a table from a store, I might never get one.
So, one day, I cleared off the mail and the coffee pot off the table and tried to squeeze this huge table out of the small doorway.
How had we gotten this in here in the first place?
After I had turned it every which way, which was not easy, as it was heavy, and I was about to give up, luckily, my son came home from work.  He thought over this dilemma. 
"Do the legs come off?" he said. 
"I don't think so," I said. 
He turned it over.
"Yes they do," he said, "if you can get me a wrench."
He was in a hurry because he still had to take a quick shower before he rushed off to school, so he quickly worked that wrench and before I knew it, he had taken off the legs.  He picked up the table and quickly moved it for me into the studio.  I told him to tell me how to put the legs back on so he could get ready to leave and before I knew it, I had those legs screwed back on and I had me one wonderful art table!  It is large and sturdy and holds everything I need.  And it is always there, just waiting for me to work!
I hadn't finished any canvas work because I had been having fun working in my Art Journal, where I had space to try out stuff like working with paper and many other materials. But I have been painting again and I almost have this new painting done, and as soon as it is done I will post it and show you.
It is funny how I take so long to put up another post, and then when I do it is practically a novel.  I have to learn to write smaller posts every day instead of waiting so long and then I have so much to tell you.
Well, I am off to have fun in my room!
Til later,
Carol B. 

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Dawnie said...

your paintings are adorable. I cant wait to see more.