Friday, September 5, 2008

My Organized Studio!

Well, I finally did it!  I organized my studio! 
And no, as far as I know, hell did not freeze over.
As much as I love being organized, I do not like getting organized, which leaves me with quite a dilemma.  But I spent the past not quite a week super organizing my studio.  For the first time there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place.  Amazing! 
When I was getting my teacher's credentials, we had a class entitled, "Spending Time to Save Time."  The point was that if you spent some time planning and getting organized, then, in the long run, you would save time because you were organized.  
At first I thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard of.  How could you save time if you were spending time planning things out, instead of just getting in there and doing things? Of course, in the process of actually teaching a class, I found that if you are not organized, you are going to end up wasting so much time running around trying to gather things that you should already have had prepared.  After many a disaster, I found out that it was true, if you spent some time before hand, planning for things and getting organized, you could be much more productive.  
Not that I suddenly got reformed and became Ms. Super Organized.  For me, being organized is like trying to stay on a diet while working in a chocolate factory.  Although it was a struggle, I did become more planned and organized as a teacher.  But that was because one of my fellow teachers that I planned with was super organized and kept me on track.  
Being planned and organized in my own life is still a super struggle, although I am slowly getting better at it.  I am just anxious to actually work in my newly organized studio and see if I really turn into Ms. Productive.  I am hoping I will.  Now, when I am thinking of some new project to do, I will actually have all the materials I need right at my fingertips, instead of trying to remember what pile it is under. 
But first, after writing this, I will be working on my Etsy Shop.  Yes, I finally sort of opened it last week, before I started working on my studio, but I didn't finish, because I had this chance to work on my studio.  Now I am going back to the Etsy Shop, which at this point only had a few things in it, which is why I did not formally announce it opening yet.  But when I totally put everything up, I will come back here and announce it.
Cross your fingers for me, 'cuz here I come!
Carol Be Organized.    

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for your Grand Opening! Yeaaa! Congrats on that! And congrats are in order for your Grand Organization too! Doesn't it feel good to know where your glue sticks and glitter are?? You should really show off some pics of your newly organized creative space! ;) (wink wink * hint hint...I love pics of studios!)
Have a great weekend chickie... I'll be keeping an eye out for your big announcement! :) ~emily