Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rock and Roll!

So, like, dude, I am always trying to tell my kids how cool I am.  
But do they believe me?
So, now I've got proof.
I had this doll when I was little.  I don't know how old I was, but my mom tells me Santa Claus gave it to me (yes, that's why I have problems).  I had forgotten all about it when my mom told me a while back that she had recently found this doll way back in her closet and did I want it?  I told her yes.
I had forgotten about it when she gave it to me the other day.  She said it was dirty but she had cleaned it up as best she could.  She even washed her clothes and put some new lace and elastic where it was needed to make the doll look as good as possible.
Did I tell you my mom really is a sweet person?
To bad she doesn't have a computer so she can read this and get all happy.
Anyway, I checked it out and all these memories came flooding back, including a very unusual memory.
I took pictures of the doll but forgive me if they are a little dark or if the eyes shine too much and make it look a bit creepy.  They would have come out better if I could have taken the flash off my camera, but since I am a techie dork I don't know how to take off the flash.  
But here is an overall picture of the doll:

As you can see, it looks pretty old fashioned.  I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but yes, the doll is on the older side.  I was going to say vintage because I thought that would sound cool, but on second thought I think it makes me sound more ancient.
Anyway, here is a picture of the doll waving:

Here is where the weird memories come in.
The thing I always remember about the doll is that the fingers on the hand that is waving were fashioned a bit strange.  At least, I always used to think they were a bit strange.  I remember thinking, why are her fingers like that?  They look kind of weird.  They even sort of bothered me.  I don't know why.  It looked like she was trying to tell me something.
When I was looking at the doll the other day after my mom gave it to me, I was looking at those fingers again.  
And then I saw it.  
She was trying to tell me something!  If you look at this close up picture, you can see that she is giving the youth sign of today that says "Rock and Roll!"

Wow!  Was I freaking out when I saw that!
Ok.  So I googled the sign to make sure and I found that in the real sign, the thumb has to be turned in.  
But, who knows?  
Maybe this was the Real sign.  The Original, For Reals Rock and Roll Sign!  Maybe it was just later distorted by today's youth who does not know any better.  Even my son freaked out when I showed it to him.  He got sorta scared and said, "Why is she doing that?"
Who knows?
Just take a look at this innocent, little face:

It makes you wonder how such an innocent, little doll from way back then could know of such things.  
Maybe she was trying to tell me way back then not to worry, that whatever might happen in this journey called life, that it would be all good, cool, and oh so groovy.
If anything, she is back to tell my kids that whatever they might think of their mother, she does have it going on, and always will.
But even if my kids don't believe it, The Doll knows.


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MizKatie said...

"i love you" is what it means, in sign language. :)