Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Stand Corrected!

Ok.  So after posting what I thought was a really cool post yesterday, I find out my theory was wrong. 
I told you about my doll from when I was little and how I thought she was giving the sign for Rock and Roll.

I had almost hesitated to write my theory because I was wondering if maybe she was indeed signing a message that other people would know about.  The only problem was I did not know how to go about finding that out.
I had emailed my daughter to read my post because I thought it was pretty funny.  Well, she knows some sign language and she called me up and told me that the doll was actually saying "I love you" in sign language.
Bummer!  And I thought I was so cool!
At the same time, I was pretty amazed that this doll from so long ago had been made to give a message in sign language.  So, on one hand, I guess I was right when I said that I thought the doll was trying to tell me something.  Very beautiful, actually.
Another person who told me was Miz Katie, who gently called me on my error.  Speaking of Miz Katie (don't you love that name?) you have to go visit her site.  She has some great artwork and photography that you just have to see.  
So, there you go.  I hope I didn't offend anyone who does know sign language.  It was the psych major in me that just has to analyze and find a reason for everything.  
Finding out that all this time my Doll was trying to tell me something so beautiful really is very comforting.
But I still like my other story better!  ;p

So, to all those reading this, "I love you" and "ROCK AND ROLL!"
Carol B.

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MizKatie said...

heehee too funny, carol. i think the rock and roll sign that you're thinking of is the index finger and pinky..devil's horns. :) i can see where you'd be confused about it. looks similar.

ps: thanks for the linky love. mwah!