Friday, December 3, 2010

A Home Called Love

A house is made of sticks and stone
But a Home is made of Love alone.

(Acrylic on 11x14 canvas board)

Having a beautiful home is a wonderful goal.
But if you're a mother out there with younger children still at home and you're working hard and the days seem endless and all your hard work often comes with no thanks, and you still don't have that beautiful dream home and it seems like you never will, you might think all your hard work is for nothing.
Believe me, I know.
But as someone who made it all the way over to this side (as in many years down the road) I can say don't despair.
All your hard work is not for nothing.
All these years later I still don't have the beautiful house I would like to have (but I haven't given up!)
But I can tell you that if you have built your home with love, it is not in vain.
And don't worry if you see all your mistakes and you think your love is not good enough.
However much we stumble with our love, love never fails.
To have a beautiful home is a perfectly wonderful goal, but if you put the material beauty above love, you build your house in vain.
Love first.
Then the beautiful home.
So if you look around and you see the worn rug and the furniture that has seen better days, don't despair.
When your child hands you that picture they drew of you, holding their hand, standing in front of that crooked house with hearts all around, you will know you already have a beautiful home.
Much Love,
Carol B.


.::dionna::. said...

Very true! Mama, your love is what made our home beautiful! I may live in a "house on the hill", but your house will always be my home. ♥

Carol B. said...

Thank you, BB. Coming from you, that means so much. Love you always!