Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In All Your Getting, Get Wisdom

"Wise Up"
(said the owl)

"Three Wise Women"

From my sketchbook,
Watercolor and Ink

I was playing in my sketchbook with a sharpie pen.
The cool thing about drawing with a sharpie pen is that you can't erase, so you just go with the flow and see what happens.
Often when you're trying too hard to get something perfect, it comes out stiff and has no character. This is true with drawing and painting, and, come to think of it, with life itself.
Anyway, I was drawing and, as usual, I started drawing a face. I can't help but be drawn to faces. Even when I was young I always sketched faces.
I was originally drawing the woman in the middle and before I knew it she had a friend beside her, then another friend.
Without knowing why, I drew the middle woman with a knit cap.
I didn't know why I would do that, then I realized I must subconciously be thinking of my daughter, who often wears a knit cap.
I think women who can and do wear hats look really cool.
I've never worn hats because I don't think I look good in them. Who knows. Maybe I would look good but have just never let myself. Anyway, I like the way my daughter looks in hers so maybe that's why I did it.
After drawing the picture, for some reason, the title "Three Wise Women" came about. Why I thought about that, I don't know either. Then, again, deep down, I probably got the idea because lately the idea of being a wise woman has been working deep down inside me.
I am thinking, ITS ABOUT TIME after all these years. I am way past the age of deciding to finally become wise.
But I have been working on it. Actually, having become committed to it.
Maybe I thought working on being wise would make me more restricted and repressed than I have already lived my entire life, and that is the last thing I need!
But on the contrary, it is becoming one of the wildest, most freeing rides of my life!
Anyway, it is funny how when something is telling you that a particular area is what you need to be working on in your life, there are signs and teachers everywhere.
Another is the fact that my daughter, featured in the top photo, got this t-shirt that has a photo of an owl saying "Wise Up." Below it is Proverbs 4:7 that, paraphrased says, "in all your getting, get wisdom."
My daughter has surpassed me in many things, one in being a Wise Woman. She has been working hard being a wonderful blessing and influence in this world, as an intern, a mentor, and many other things. She is the Joy of my heart.
It was not until after I had painted the above sketch of "Three Wise Women" and I had thought of writing this post that I asked her to take a picture of herself wearing her "Wise Up" t-shirt and knit cap.
Now, understand that when I drew the picture I was not originally drawing the woman with her in mind, and yet, this morning when she emailed the picture she took of herself, I was shocked. She always takes pictures staring straight into the camera with a big smile and yet this time, she had taken her picture looking sideways with a slightly uplifted smile just like in my sketch!
I was pretty amazed, as well as absolutely delighted.
So after several days of writing short posts I have gone back to writing a long one again, but that's ok. I enjoyed it.
Hoped you liked the photos and the post.
And remember, if you are ready to kick up your life, then
in all your getting,
Get Wisdom!
Much Love,
Carol B.


.::dionna::. said...

You must be wiser than you think! Where do you think I got it from? ♥

Carol B. said...

Thank you, BB! I so love you!!