Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunny and Grateful

"3 For You And Me"
Mixed Media on cardboard
8 1/2 x 11

It's freezing here in L.A.!
Ok. So it's 64 degrees.
I know that is sissy weather for many of you who are in areas that are honest to goodness freezing. But for us here in Los Angeles it is freezing!
Yes, when it comes to weather, we are sissies.
But looking at this painting with its brilliant warm colors makes me feel nice and toasty!
(Colors more brilliant in person).
I am sitting here in my room with the curtains open wide and I am bundled in my socks and sweats to keep warm, but even though it's cold, the sun is shining in so bright! It's clear and beautiful outside, so yes, I am grateful.
Hope everything is good for you.
And yes, cousin Karen, when you are spending your Christmas truly freezing in the Northeast, I will be thinking of you here in Sunny L.A!
Carol B.

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