Monday, August 27, 2012

The Suspect Pizza Situation

So how many of you have aggravating adult children at home?
You know, the kind you can't tell anything to because of course they already know everything?
Ok, so call me an ungrateful mom.  I don't care.
Because here is my son who I had 37 hours of labor with (and yes, I rub it in) and some teenage years made in hell, so I can say anything I want.
Don't get me wrong.  I love my son and despite those horrible teenage years, he has turned into a wonderful young man who was smart enough to pick hurry-up-and-be-my-daughter-in-law Janine to be his girlfriend.
But sometimes this guy can drive me crazy.
Take for instance his habit of never cleaning out his stuff from the fridge.
Here is a picture of pizza that has been sitting wrapped up in the fridge for a week:

It was sitting in the back hidden with other stuff piled on top of it.
Now, if I told him to make sure to clean out his old stuff he would say 
"I know," and give me that look that says "mothers can be so irritating."
And so after many scenarios of dirty looks I finally told myself, "ok, so maybe I need to back off and he really will make sure to clean out his stuff from the fridge.
So I made sure not to say anything.  I did, however, move the pizza to the front of the fridge hoping to give him the hint.
So this is what his ugly pizza looks like after sitting in said refrigerator after a week:

 Trust me, it looks much worse in person, with little white stuff on top of it.
And so I can say that I did some art, this is a picture of what a nice slice of pizza looks like:

(Note: No ugly little white stuff on top of it).
And mind you, this is not the first time he's done this.
A while back he had food in two good tupperware containers in the fridge.  I kept trying not to say anything, but I worried he would not clean it out and it would get really yucky.
After a while I finally told him as nicely as possible "You know, that's really good tupperware, and if the food in there gets too yucky it's going to ruin my tupperware."
Of course he gave me that "I know" look.
And after four months of sitting in my fridge, one day I saw those two nice tupperware containers sitting in the trash.
Janini, hurry up and get this boy to marry you.
That way, when he tries ruining your tupperware, you can just kick his ass.
I give you permission.
'Til later,
Carol B.

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