Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations Graduates!

Isn't this the most amazing graduation picture you've ever seen?
It shows the ultimate joy and exhilaration of a long and difficult job well done.
I know that is the way I felt after I graduated from Cal State Long Beach 11 years ago.
This is a picture of Angela, my daughter's friend, who just graduated last Thursday. She also graduated from Cal State Long Beach, as did my daughter two years earlier.
The funny thing is that I graduated on Thursday, May 27 (11 years ago) and Angela graduated on Thursday, May 27. My daughter told Angela that she and I now share a special bond for sharing this special day.
When I graduated, it was a day long overdue. It was a difficult journey, what with being a single mom, having been divorced just a few years earlier. There were many lonely times when I was studying, hour after hour, wishing I could forget the whole thing. But when I marched down the aisle and up to that podium, Pomp and Circumstance marking my every step, it was the proudest moment of my life, one I will never forget.
So to all the Graduates of 2010, I say CONGRATULATIONS!! Blessings to you all for a job well done!
And in case you're wondering, the picture I posted was taken in the fountain of Cal State Long Beach. The young woman in the graduation gown in the front is Angela, and the lovely young woman on the left, with the long dark hair and purple print dress is my daughter, Dionna.
Of course, no one is really supposed to be in that fountain.
So if any officials are looking at this pic, then never mind. I don't really know the names of those people in that fountain.
'Til later,
Carol B.


angela said...


Thank you so much for this post! I can't believe that we graduated on the same day, just a few years apart!

I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend in Dionna. You did a fantastic job as a mom, and as a student.

It was a hard road for me as well, but WE did it!

Congratulations, from one alum to another,


Carol B. said...

Thanks so much for this comment, Angela. You made my day!