Friday, August 21, 2009

My Daughter

The other day when I talked about missing my son I WAS GOING TO GIVE EQUAL TIME TO MY DAUGHTER (HA HA!) except that she freaked me out and had me all upset with worry.
She does not live at home so on Monday I had called her for something.  I could tell she was out somewhere and she told me that she and her friend Lorraine from work were at the Long Beach Aquarium, which my daughter loves. She then said that she had told her friend that the Aquarium in Monterey (near San Francisco) is even better.  At the same time, they both realized that neither of them had to work the next day so they looked at each other and said "ROAD TRIP!"
My daughter said that later that evening they were going to pack some stuff and drive all night from Los Angeles to Monterey, stay the night, go to the Monterey Aquarium the next day, and then drive back to Los Angeles in the evening.
I tried to talk her out of it, but when she is determined, forget it, and since she does not live at home I could not lock her door to keep her home (not that she wouldn't go out the window anyway).
So all this time I resisted looking up her facebook or twitter, trying to keep the faith that all was well.  
So today is four days later AND SINCE SHE DIDN'T CALL ME I was beginning to wonder, when she suddenly showed up at my house today for an unexpected visit.
All is well, thank you, God!
But she did leave me a picture from when she went to the beach at Monterey, so here is my baby daughter at the beach;

Since she's twenty eight years old, she doesn't look like that, either.
But whether my kids like it or not, that is the way I'll always see them, even when they're 93!
In truth, they have grown into two wonderful young adults, both of whom I'm very proud.
And that's all I can really ask for.
Except for when they both get that great job they can then buy me a condo in Maui!
'Til later, hoping you all have a great weekend!
Carol B.

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.::dionna::. said...

awww... i ♥ you mama! i didn't mean to scare you.