Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Giant Leap

It is through this beautiful door that I have been walking through these past Monday evenings. It is where I take art classes at the Plaza de La Raza in Lincoln Heights.  
I am taking classes with Margaret Garcia, a renowned Chicana artist.  
The Plaza is a place that offers a multitude of classes in the arts to the community.  Everything from the visual arts, to music, dance, theater, you name it.  There are so many classes, and all at a low price.  It is a great offering of love from so many people who support the desire to keep art alive in the community, especially to children.
I have received brochures from the Plaza for several years.  I have been wanting to take art classes but had not gotten around to it.  When I saw that Margaret Garcia was teaching, I was astounded, and jumped at the chance.
Let's rewind.
The first time I saw Margaret's name, last fall, I was astounded, craved after the opportunity, then told myself no.  "You shouldn't spend the money," etc. etc., anything to deny myself of what I knew would truly nurture me.  You know, the self sabotage thing.
The second time I saw her name, last spring, I thought about it again, then denied myself again.
The third time I saw her name, for a class over the summer, I almost told myself no again but then I thought, "hmmm.  It starts in July, in fact, the day before my birthday.  My family has to give me a present anyway, so why not tell them they could all chip in to pay for the class?"
I told my husband and he said he would give the class as a gift from himself.  
So, thanks to my honey I finally signed up.
We have already completed seven classes and our last Monday is next week.
We first did this little practice painting, then a portrait with a live model, and yesterday we completed our second live model portrait.
Here is my second painting, a young woman named Alexandra;

We only worked on it for two sessions so ideally it could use some more work, but I say not bad for a semi-beginning!
The other thing about this class is that we are learning in oils.  I have attempted oils very briefly in some classes I took a million years ago.  Otherwise I have only used acrylics.  It was wonderful to be using oils.  It is such a great medium.
I am attempting to cram seven weeks worth of thoughts into one post but I will not so I will stop here.
Just wanted to say what an absolute thrill it was to finally allow myself to take what was for me a giant step in moving in the direction I was meant to go in so very long ago.
Do the same for yourself.
You will be glad you did.
'Til later,
Carol B.