Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"Blue For All The World To See"
Acrylic on Paper

I am seeking to break the limits of what my world has been,
in art as well as in life.
So please don't be too shocked at what you see.
Of course, I am supposed to be breaking free from people pleasing, so I am supposed to put this up and not really care what anyone thinks, but, of course, there is that part of me that does ;p
I want to not be afraid of what I paint, of what I paint over, and of what I paint again, so that I will not be stifled in painting what I long to paint.
So I am practicing being as crazy and wild as I can be. Then I will take these lessons to what I feel called to paint, without feeling afraid to go in the direction I truly see.
So first I painted this background, smearing and scribbling in the paint;

Then I painted an outline to a face;

Then I decided to paint the face a (gasp) Blue!

I painted in wild hair, but it turned out to be too full;

(I was probably thinking of my hair on a windy day) ;)
So I decided to cut it down;

And I ended up with "Blue For All The World To See."
I love this kind of painting because it is coming from deep down inside, expressing things that I know are going on inside of me, without my even realizing it.
It told me that my face shows a nice calmness, while inside there is a sadness (blue) that I don't see but maybe others do.
As unusual as the painting I have been doing might be, there is a great freedom rising from within me!
Wishing you Freedom,
Carol B.