Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frida Kahlo Exhibit

I love all the traditional pictures of Frida Kahlo, but I really love this one.  It looks very different from the norm.
And if you happen to be anywhere near the Los Angeles area, you really need to get down to the Chimaya gallery.  They are having a great Frida exhibit, in honor of her birthday.  There are many different paintings of Frida by many talented artists, including an artist that I had nominated the other day for a Brilliant Blog Award, none other than Ms. Cathy Ashworth of the Cat Box Art Studio.  She has painted many different, beautiful versions of Frida.  
Chimaya is a great place with all kinds of beautiful treasures, including some knockout jewelry. I forgot to get the address before I started writing this post, but you can always google it, or, better yet, go to the Cat Box Art Studio.  Kathy has a flyer posted, as well as a link to Chimaya. 
You can also stop by and say hi to Cathy as you check out her gorgeous work.
Speaking of work, gotta get back to work myself.
Thanks for stopping by!
Carol B.   


catboxartstudio said...

Hey Carol, just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for the write up about the Frida exhibit and your kind words about my art, I really do appreciate it SO much! I'm glad you were able to stop by ChimMaya to check it out -it's a pretty cool place. Again, thanks for all your kind words about me and The CATbox Art Studio!! XO-Cathy

lila said...

What a great photo of Frida! Wish I lived close enoug to visit that gallery!