Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Crafty Chica is Here!

Hey, everybody! Lookie here!
The Crafty Chica is at your nearest Michael's! 
In case you haven't been in the know about one of the greatest crafter artists around, let me tell you about Kathy Cano-Murillo. She is from Tuscan, Arizona and for years she has been designing the coolest crafts.  She has also put ten lives into one, don't ask me how.  She is a mom, a wife, an artist, crafter, designer, writer, she has several craft books out and more on the way, and she even has three novels coming out soon!  On top of that, this past Friday, on August 1, she came out with a line of craft products that have premiered at Michael's Craft Stores.  They are awesome!  My hubby and I went on Saturday to one of the Michael's close by and we bought a bunch of fun stuff.  Can't wait to use them!
But I am telling you, she is one of my absolute heroes, my inspiration.  She has done all that I mentioned above and more, and she did it with a full, lifetime commitment to Art. By that I mean, when she and her husband married, they vowed to live a life totally surviving on their art (her hubby is also an artist as well as a musician).  No other full time jobs while they did their art on the side, but 100% living on their art.  Now, how many of us artists wish we could have had the courage to have done that?  You know they paid the price, but they did it anyway, and now, after what I guess is almost or around 20 years, they are taking it all to an even greater, more successful level!  I am hoping that one day she will write a detailed book on how she did it.  
To get her whole story, you will have to check out the Crafty Chica website, and her 
Crafty Chica Blog.   I know that when you do you will be in awe of this amazing woman.  
In the meantime, go to Michael's and get some of her paint, glitter, stencils, jewelry kits..the list goes on and on!  The thing is to support this dedicated artist.  It's a way of supporting our whole art community, as well as the fact that you will just have a ball playing with all her stuff!
Until later,
Carol B.


Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica said...

Carol, you are the bombdiggity!!!! i am so happy to have met you, even if it is just online! I appreciate all your generosity and kindness so much! You are such a marvelous artist, I am so proud to know you!!
kathy :-)

catboxartstudio said...

I love this post! Aren't you glad you found the Crafty Chica? I know I am! She is a true source of inspiration and sometimes she keeps me goin' when I think I'm crazy to even think that I can make it as an artist. I too bought several of her products (love them!) and have started on my Empowerment Guardian and so far, so good! I hope you have fun with her products and with your art too - it's good stuff!!