Monday, April 12, 2010

Color Your World

Even though I have a teacher subbing gig all week, I am determined to be here anyway!
Let's see if I make it!
So here is a picture of my Baby Girl that I took on her birthday. This was in February but it goes to show that yes, even though I felt like I was not doing anything at all, I really was.
Instead of buying wrapping paper, I got a huge sheet of butcher paper and painted and dripped and squirted and just plain had fun ala Alisa Burke (a fantastic San Diego based artist. I don't have the link here but google her and check her out!)
It was sooo much fun to paint and it added that touch of living artfully by touching unexpected areas of your life with art.
Everybody really liked it and of course it looked better in person than this pic can show. My daughter Dionna said she could frame it and Janine said she could use it as a background for scrapbooking since my daughter likes to scrapbook.
Either way it feels great to make something more personal by touching it with your special form of art.
How do you color your world?

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