Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me and My Sweetie!

This is a picture of the man I have been married to for eight years.
Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.
Very simply, what I would like to say about this man is how special he is to me and how lucky I am to have found him, especially so late in life.
He is very quiet and unassuming, at least, on the outside.
And then, sometimes he can be wacky and crazy.
He makes me laugh.
He makes me think.
He quiets me down when I am wired and uptight.
He is there for me.
He makes me believe that there is a man out there that really loves me.
He supports me in my decisions, whether they be good or questionable.
He accepts me just the way I am.
Even when I am not made up, he makes me feel beautiful.
Even if I am on the heavier side, he makes me feel sexy and desirable.
He doesn't stand in my way, but supports me no matter what.
With him, I have been able to explore who I really am, without feeling I need to hold back because of fear of not being accepted.
He has allowed me to ride this journey of finding out who I really am, and he is still there for me.
I really love this man.
We were, cliche or not, really made for each other.
Thank you, my sweetie, for being there for me.
Thank you for bringing hope back into my life.
Te quiero mucho.
I will love you for always.
Por Vida,

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