Friday, April 9, 2010

Crashing Through Limitations

I am Alice, falling down the rabbit hole.
I would have much rather used a pic from the Tim Burton movie which yes, I am now obsessed with. In that movie (which you have to see if you have not) you get a real sense of Alice crashing into one thing and then another as she flies down the hole.
That is what I have been doing for quite a while now. Even though I had not been posting and I have not been doing any kind of "official," "major" work, I have been trying this and that, to get a better sense of crashing through my limitations.
One thing I did was I got an old book that I had picked from an estate sale:
Originally, I tore out a few pages to use in multimedia work. Then I got the idea that it might be fun just to paint in the actual book and leave it as that. Just doodling, painting in whatever way came to my mind, just for the fun of it. And that is what it is; fun. I just doodled with a Sharpie marker whatever came to mind and then watercolored it in.
Here are a few pages:

Nothing planned. Just doodling. Then color it in like when I was young, having fun coloring in coloring books.
And it looks even cooler in person, opening up this old book and finding your paintings in there.
Try it.
No perfection.
Just relax and have a ball!
'Til later,
Wishing you a great weekend,

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