Friday, April 24, 2009

Art Heals

My son's girlfriend has been trying to teach me to scan but I still have a lot to learn.  It's not that she is not a good teacher, it is just that when you are trying to teach me something technical my response is "huh?"  I am even there with my handy dandy notebook, writing everything down, but it is still tough.  
I mean, I finally learned how to do the basics.  I put this picture in the scanner and it scanned, although obviously not that well because I was trying to fit in the page from a book.  I am also not good at trying to fix the color and stuff.  I did not even try to do that here.  Later on I will try to play with it.
This is a page out of my art journal.  The colors look much more dynamic and beautiful in person, but there you go.
The point was playing with everything, from text to photocopies, paint, pastels, etc.  The photo is of an old movie star but I don't remember her name.  I could get up and look it up, but I won't.
But as it says, "Art Heals.  It is Dynamic.  It is Electric."
And that is how I feel.  
After days of doing those things you have to do in life, I took time out yesterday and today to do some painting.  Yesterday I worked on the painting I originally showed you I think last week.  Today I have been working in my art journal which is great because you don't have to try to be perfect or anything.  You can just let go.  And if you don't like what you did, you can just paint over it.  Other than that, nobody has to see it but you.  I am finding it a must in just letting go and freeing your art spirit.
And now I am happy.
Still, the business of life awaits me, but I can go back and try again.  
Art Heals.
Don't forget it.
Art Heals.
Wishing you a great weekend,
Carol B.

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Catherine Holman said...

Art does heal and you have a great attitude for an artist!