Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A dear friend of mine recently sent me an email saying she has to do a self portrait for a class project.  She said she "loathed" the idea because she can't stand looking at herself, and that the whole project has her defeated before she has even started.  I wrote her back saying, "as for those feeling you wrote about yourself, I want to slap them out of you, as I want to slap them out of myself."
Of course, I don't really want to  "slap" them out of her or myself.  But the point is that if we have those feelings, we need to really take a look at them and the destruction they cause.  She might not have realized the truth of what she said when she said those feelings had her defeated before she even started.  
Yes, those feelings do defeat us before we even start.  Those feelings of "not being good enough" have stopped me from doing so many things I love because I feel defeated before I have even started.
The truth is, wanting to "improve" the outside of ourselves is all well and good so long as we remember that it is the spirit within us that is our true self and that the spirit within us is already beautiful and whole. It always has been.  
It always will be.
When we remember that, anything truly is possible.  
And we will know we have the victory before we have even started.
Here's to your Victory.
Carol B.

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Azul Valentina said...

Dear Carol,
Your words are beautiful and amazingly inspiring! this message you posted on your blog shows how caring and loving you are! Thank you for all you encouragement and for remind us how far can we get when we really want to!