Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make Yourself Smile

This morning I was feeling really blah.  I think because I didn't get enough sleep.  I tried everything to distract myself.  I watched the news, thinking that everything happening outside my own world would get my mind off things.  It didn't.  I ate a breakfast I thought might make me happy.  It didn't.  I listened to some motivational CDs I believed would get me out of my funk.  It didn't.  I did all the "right" things I thought I should do to change my state of mind. 
Nothing worked.  
What to do?
How about making yourself smile?
There are so many things I used to do that made me happy and made me smile that I stopped doing years ago.  Simple things, like listening to music, dancing in my room with the door closed, going outside in the backyard, lounging in a comfortable chair and reading a book.
In the seriousness of trying to get along in life, I gave up so many things.  I don't know why. Maybe it was self deprivation.  Maybe it was plain old despair.  All I know is that I took out so much of the color in my life.  
I had been thinking about it lately.  What does it cost to play a CD?  To pick some flowers and put them in a vase to brighten the room?  To go outside in the backyard and pull up a chair and read a book?
So while I was putting on my makeup, instead of listening to all the negative thoughts running through my head, I brought out the CD player and put on a CD that I knew would make me laugh and smile and dance. 
And yes, it worked.
What things have you stopped doing that used to make you smile?
Think about it.
Choose one today.
And make yourself smile.
You're worth it.
Carol B.

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julie king said...

what a nice post! i've had the blahs lately too or as i've been calling them in my head the don't wannas. don't wanna go anywhere. don't wanna read. don't wanna create art. i've had to force myself to get over it already and do something. music helps for sure. and taking my camera out for a walk or a ride definitely works!

as for what i've given up. i used to read in my car at lunch and lately i've been staying at my desk to work. tomorrow? i'm reading in my car!! thanks for the nudge!