Friday, April 10, 2009


It's funny how I want desperately to paint, and yet I find myself dancing around the situation. The difference nowadays is that I make sure that, no matter how much I want to procrastinate, I still make sure to get to it.  
So today, after I did this, that, and that, you know, all those important things, I set up my paints, put on some Joni Mitchell, and started.
Originally, I made a simple sketch of an idea in my notebook. 
This is it:
Then late yesterday I started to put some paint on a canvas.  Today I have just done a bit of work on the woman.  I was going to show you the next picture, but I cannot get the picture to follow these words.  It keeps going up above this post.  
I have tried to do this before, where I want to post pictures in a particular order but they keep scooting up to the top.  By an absolute miracle, I got this sketch to come out in the middle, after my first bit of writing, but I cannot get the second photo to come second.  I will have to wait to show you the photo in my next post, probably Monday, unless I do a quick post tomorrow.
Meanwhile, since EVERYBODY but me knows how to post pictures in a way where you write, then post a picture, then write, then post a picture and it goes in that order, if you are reading this and you know how to do it, PLEASE let me know!  You can either let me know in the comments, or write me at
Have a great Easter weekend!
Carol B.


julie king said...

your sketch is adorable and i can't wait to see the final photos.

i had the same problem you are having and it was sooooo frustrating!! then i started loading all the pictures first and then adding the text later. you have to load your photos in reverse order. so you load the photo you want to appear at the top of your post last. after all the photos are done then you can come back and add text between each photo.

please give it a try and let me know if you have any questions. we've all had to go thru the pain of learning how to use blogger!!!

take care and have a great easter weekend!

Dawnie said...

i think its looking very good. I could not be an artist I dont think...i think for me it would be easier to name a painting than to create.

julie king said...

hee hee on your comment on my blog!! yes i rushed right back to my blog to post a fantastic one with tons of photos just to show off. you're funny and i'm glad we connected in bloggyland!! take care!